It wasn’t something I expected and I haven’t had enough time to stop and write about anything for a while. I am still busy, I am still building Let’s Order In! and it is still growing! It’s all good and despite the way I feel sometimes, like as a person I am a little bit broken from losing my wife. The aniversary of her death is nearing.  I thing being broken is part of how I feel, part of being human. I was reminded of that by a close personal friend, Jason Nelson is an inspiration to me.

I have to say that because his kind words this afternoon were beyond humbling. And it is for those exact reasons I know we all strive to be happy and share that happiness with others. For that, knowing they too have experienced or can relate to feeling happiness is what always makes it all worth it.

I don’t watch a lot of television, not really current on whatever is the latest thing in pop culture. In losing my wife my life has become concentrating on taking steps forward, no matter how daunting the tasks ahead might be at times. I am always reminded that there are people out there who always have it worse then me, and I am also reminded that there are many good people doing many good things out there.

Jason is one of those people. It was out of the blue, for no reason he texted me today to meet for a coffee. We have known each other for a few years. Connected through some business happenings and friends of friends, Jason and I have stayed in touch, mostly because he reaches out more then I do, especially directly like today.

I learned today that Jason is in a good place, and that makes me really happy for him. I know he, as all of us, has had his struggles with life. His family, is beautiful and I know they deserve all the good things that are happening. It would seem to be his time, their time.

Jason is proud to be part of Being Human Services This company works with people. They help every person, no matter the level or situation in life, they help with challenges and adversities. Just listening to Jason talk about feeling purpose behind his new position makes me smile. I can see he is indeed in a zone where he believes he is part of a team making a real difference in people’s lives.

I also didn’t know that Jason volunteers at a local church down in the flats. He tells me about going down there every Thursday from 10-12 where the staff do their best to give assistance and guidance to some of our city’s less fortunate. Jason tells me about some of the people he meets when he is volunteering.

As I listen to him tell me about how life has been difficult the last little while, feeling better about the new directions things are going for him, I think about his family.

I know his wife Jamie Nelson and I know they have a very happy family. I believe them to be genuine people who give it their absolute best everyday, for themselves, each other and their family.

Jason tells me that he just wanted to get out, and I find myself in a quiet calm state, the excitement of my business growing and making a difference in the community is a bitter sweet mix with the reminders of my wife’s passing lingering as the anniversary nears.

We talk about a lot of things and because we have a distinct bond of respect and admiration, we tend to hit on all the touchy parts about life. What we really think and how we really feel deep down.

I tell him I think I am a little broken and probably always will be. Jason doesn’t even skip a beat and tells me that we are all broken. I agree instantly and at the same time realize, I don’t think it is that we are all broken, I think we just experience this life, individually, our journey is part of defining us, it should never be a type of label.

Before we decide to end our little gathering, we make plans to visit again close.

Enlightened minds believe you are a direct product of your environment. Including where you live, your habits and surroundings. The people you spend time with and the information you take in for referencing life in general, and how it affects your daily life.

Jason, today you told me that I was one of the most fascinating people in your life, and that I inspire you. You tell me this as you share you are a volunteer who has a career focused on helping other people get through life, which also sets a great example for your own children.

Don’t forget you take care of Jamie and the smiles on each of your faces represents not just true love, but commitment and loyalty.  I want to really thank you Jason, if I do inspire you, you need to know the feeling is mutual. 100% bro.

A little on the personal side of things, but that’s a little bit of what’s happening in the Hat!

Thanks for Reading!

An Irish Wish

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live!