Extra Extra! Read all about it!! Community is Family at Jared’s Digital Agency in Medicine Hat!

It is nice to be back in front of the keyboard again. I have been very busy here in Medicine Hat but it’s the right time to get back into the game.

The world is changing faster then I think I have ever witnessed and there are so many different things to talk about and discover here at home.

Here at Home in Medicine Hat we are just starting out with a Municipal Election. There is a lot of buzz with all the Candidates and the many issues facing this city.

At the heart of Medicine Hat’s issues, some would say is bringing life back to the Downtown Core.

It seems it’s time to start supporting the Entrepreneurs and the Small Businesses that are the heartbeat of the Gas City.

This is where I hope to get involved and help out. I truly believe that here in Medicine Hat, Community is Family.

This means I want to help in the community with business and personal. I am here to create awareness with my neighbours and tell the stories about the amazing people and places that are Medicine Hat.

When it comes to business in Medicine Hat, I have an arsenal of tools that can power any online presence.

I am not here to be political or controversial, but I won’t shy away from talking about what’s important. I won’t be looking for the negatives in any situation.

We are all here to work together with solutions, problems are simply opportunities to find a breakthrough.

I am here to live life and meet the world around me. Despite the small size of Medicine Hat, we are here for the world.

We are all connected and we all have a story, I hope to tell mine, and yours!

I consider myself a mix of old school ethics and work ethic fused together with the right mix of modern technology to work with.

We accomplish great things as individuals and when we come together to collaborate, even greater things happen for all of us.

Medicine Hat has been my home for over a decade and I can’t wait to get out there with my Neighbours and celebrate everything we have to offer, not just here at home, but to the whole world.

Can’t wait to meet you Medicine Hat!

Community is Family at Jared’s Digital Agency in Medicine Hat.