I consider myself a writer. I believe that I have a way with words and I think that I can compel a person to read the next line. I have been told this my entire life and I love it to. I don’t love it enough to enter a writing contest to win a house. A close personal friend that lives here and works as a dementia care giver is putting her heart, and her tremendously beautiful soul into writing an essay. Good luck Tamara, I hope you win.
Now, I hope Tamara doesn’t get too upset with me for sharing news of this contest. In case anybody reads this and decides to enter themselves. I think I am being silly, I am sure Tamara welcomes the competition for the same reason she is going to enter. It is truly in her heart for the miracle to happen. She believes.

That is why I hope she wins too. I got a sneak peek at her words, which in itself is beyond humbling and flattering. To have that kind of respect from my peers, professionally and personally is something I will always be grateful for. I have known Tamara for a few years, having the pleasure of working with her in sales. I think we learn a lot more about our co workers in a sales environment…you really see the way people tick, the way they think.

Reading Tamara’s words brought tears to my eyes and I could feel the energy of her being writing the message. It was one of hope and dedication and I can’t tell you of another time when I felt such compassion just reading one’s personal thoughts.

I have never entered any kind of contest with my writing; there has never been a prize that I could feel I would win. Tamara’s words forming the reasons for wanting this house is beyond a dedication of life and memories, it is a message of pure love for the future.

The reason I find myself writing about Tamara at all, is because knowing her personally has made me a stronger person. Learning about some of her own challenges and the strength she shows in sharing with me, has helped me heal. The real relative feeling though is the respect I have for Tamara and the people like her in the mental health department.

I say department because there are so many levels, I want to give credit to everybody out there taking care of us, the sick.

Tamara is on the front lines I would say. And, Tamara, deals with people like my father. He lives in Calgary, in a private residence where he is basically locked down. For his own safety.

My dad wouldn’t ever hurt you on purpose. My father is a good man, who raised me and did the very best he can. It kills me to know he is just not there right now.

It is hard to visit and it makes you realize how precious life really is. I know some people don’t have relationships with their family and I can even tell you lines of communication within my own are twisted some times. I don’t wish this kind of mind game on anybody though.

I know the personal reasons behind my dad being there. I see the effects of my family in dealing with all of it.
And, in seeing my good friend Tamara, and knowing a few people who are on the front lines, I have hope.
Where I have had an apathy for life and in losing my wife to cancer, I have realized, we are here to live. To live and to feel and to help and be kind to each other.

Tamara chooses to go to a place to make a living by caring. By loving. I want the words to be so strong and bold. Tamara and others on the front line put aside all the reasons the people in front of them got there. That part doesn’t matter.

Unconditional love for the living, how else do I describe it? Where does that type, that kind of compassion come from?

My own father is not receiving the kind of care one wants for their loved one. Despite the hard facts of accepting his state and he is better off there, he deserves the proper care and dignity the services are supposed to be in place to provide.

I make no bitter claims and don’t wish to blame anybody for the situation. It has become a possibility to move him here. To be closer and able to receive what most would consider proper care.

All of these different spotlights in my life have given me new challenges and made me realize, again what is so important in life. Doing what’s right for those closest to us when we can.

I hope you win the house Tamara. Simply because your reasons are, as is your very nature, unselffish. You are a reason there is still hope in this world. You have compassion and intelligence on top of just being one cool bitch. I can say that, because it is 100% true. You not only know it, you are damn proud of it.

You have to be tough in this life time. You have to believe in stuff, you have to be tough and you gotta go for it. With everything you have, with all your heart.

Being given that glimpse of how you see the future and what you believe that you are here to achieve in this world makes me quite frankly, speechless.

I am in awe of you and what you do every day to help our society, and people like my dad.
Good luck, I hope your words, your very powerful words, come true.

Thanks for reading what’s happening in the Hat! For her privacy, I didn’t name Tamara, but think some good thoughts for her. She deserves all the positive energy we can gather!