I haven’t written anything in a little while because I have been very busy building Let’s Order In, Medicine Hat’s newest free local app to order from your favourite merchants here in town. I built Let’s Order In because I felt like we could use a little bit more options as consumers, for business owners and especially for drivers. So far so good, I think we are going to make a difference here, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Let’s Order In!

If you don’t know anything about me, or Let’s Order In you can check out about this place, my story. I explain a lot of the reasoning behind the venture, and now, it is taking flight. I won’t deny things have been slow going and there have been a lot of set backs but such is life, and with the support and the feedback I continue to get from the community, I feel stronger then ever to deliver ( couldn’t resist ) on my commitments to the community. As the company continues to grow, searching out new merchants and always looking for new professional drivers, I get to keep meeting fantastic people who want my company to do well here in Medicine Hat. When we started I knew I was going to hear from a very diverse group of people looking to accomplish different things. What surprises me I will admit, is just how diverse this city is. This community is a wealth of passionate dedicated individuals and I am so flattered many are approaching me for the opportunity to driver for Let’s Order In! The drivers that are on the team right now are incredible people. Our team consists of people from all ages legal to work, and from every background you can imagine. The fabric of what makes our city, and our province so damn awesome. I can’t think of enough cool adjectives to describe all the people I have met.

True Ambitions

Students, Homemakers, Retired and Semi-retired. All the usual suspects have made inquiries and some have joined on. What has really surprised me though, is the number of people looking for something else to make some money besides their full time employment. Some of the these people have some pretty heavy duty things going on, and they still want to see what the new niche of delivery apps is all about. There are also a lot of people who already work for the competition, I am not going to mention them here haha. I don’t need to. We all know who they are and what they are doing, and I have to give credit where credit is due. They have accomplished everything they have done, mostly from what I understand, over the phone. This has it’s good effects and it’s bad, but make no mistake, they are number one in Canada and for good reason. Let’s Order In! has started and there are quite a few differences between us and them, and that is why I started the company to begin with.

The Players

The ripples of growing so fast and the side effects of that success is in some ways hurting the big guys for different reasons. I hope to offer an option, to everybody involved, from the merchant, to the driver, to the customer. Those 3 people are really the most important, but they don’t always feel that way. Without the restaurant, of course none of this would be happening. We as consumers now like having things when we want them, whenever we want and wherever we might be when we want it, and, there is an app for that. Problem lies in the fact that not every restaurant was ready to offer delivery services, or take on the costs associated with adding a delivery company to their business. I started Let’s Order In! because I felt as though, there was a way to save everybody some money, and still make it work. Merchants, especially restaurants, are adapting to the fact that customers want to be able to eat there food one day at home in their jammies; while deciding the very next day to enjoy the same restaurant but with the ambiance of actually visiting to eat the same dishes. Fascilitating that service should not take all the hard earned profits away from the restaurants. Make no mistake, we are all here to make a few dollars, I just believe that again, everybody involved in the transaction, should feel like they are getting value, and return on their investment. Sounds complicated, but I mean it on every level.

Promoting Local

The merchant is provided with local assistance and support live and in person when need be. They get a local partner that  promotes their business and provides the service of product delivery to the consumer. All of this comes at a much much lower cost by being a partner with Let’s Order In! compared to that of the competition. Let’s Order In! also has convenience and self serve style businesses along with restaurants where there is the also the kitchen staff. The kind of lost players in the game. They work hard especially when they are trying to produce quality food for the people inside, the reason the restaurant opens to begin with. They take on a lot orders sometimes and don’t get any thanks. Let’s Order In, I am proud to say, has figured out a way to change that. Our system includes a tip for the kitchen as well as the driver. Then we have the drivers. The other  real players in this game. Without the driver, there is no service. While this doesn’t really matter to every restaurant in town, the demand for home delivery is too high to ignore. The demand for drivers is growing and so is, as I mentioned, the number of people coming out to make more money from delivering food and other items. And here is where it get’s interesting to me. Because I am a driver. It is my personality. I have a class 1 licence, and I it is truly a part of who I am as a person. I have relied upon my drivers license my whole life, and with it has always come hard work. Intense labour in some fields in all winter conditions. I am not saying anything special, I am not an oilfield worker, and I am not in the field away from home all the time. The jobs I have done revolved around speed and accuracy, problem solving, common sense and an honest drive (again, couldn’t resist ) to just get the job done the right way when I get the chance. I could go on and on about this because driving is so personal to me and more reason to start a delivery company. Maybe we can change the way people think about drivers too. I know it sounds a little silly, but not to the people who are talking to me about driving for Let’s Order In!

Care to Serve

These people care, because delivering food is becoming an industry and they take things like customer service and being professional seriously, many of them having their own businesses in the past. That inspires me. That is what drives me ( try to forgive me ) to make the system work out for the driver too. Fair pay as a contractor, fair expectations and fair team environment. It should be possible to create a team of people that share the same ideal of service and execution. A team that serves the restaurant as though they are just as proud of the food being cooked and served as the restaurant and the kitchen that prepared it for them. A team that just wants to be fairly compensated because they know they are on the front lines and they are willing to make the sacrifices for the customer and the merchant to make sure everybody is happy. And keeping everybody always happy isn’t alway easy, in fact, most would say it’s impossible. Dare I say, this is where the customer comes in. Again, because indeed, keeping the customers happy is what any business strives for. That doesn’t mean the customer is always right, I believe that has changed a little bit. Most consumers just want common sense, quality and value in exchange for their money. I believe, I have come together to accomplish that again. To the best that it can be achieved anyways, we aren’t aiming for perfection all the time but we can try! Which means Let’s Order In was built with the customer being at the top of the list again. After all, the whole point is offering free delivery with it’s conditions. I do believe the pricing and the system is more then fair. Only time will tell.

Our Beliefs

We promise to be transparent in all our dealings with our customer. The system is designed for the customers to tip the kitchen and the driver, and cover the cost of executing long distance deliveries and the logistics involved. This means technology that is user friendly and always being innovated. When we partner with a local merchant, we provide them with an online inventory and give the consumer the convenience of ordering online with an app. Being local, we have been able to establish agreements with merchants to do this. We of course hope to continue to bring forward unique establishments not always available on other platforms. As we grow, the inventory of our online partners may grow to include a hardware store, or a merchant with hammers in their inventory. Then it would include free delivery within 10km of the selected merchant. Our Services Our technology also offers the ability for the consumer to contact us with a request for any kind of delivery. For instance, if you want us to buy you a hammer from the hardware store because none of our current partners have one, you can make the request. There are standard prices for each delivery, including extra stops and KM’s as well as the cost of the requested items of course. We believe we will be able to provide a service that will be welcomed to the marketplace. Those living outside of the city can have items like groceries or even one of our restaurants meals delivered. We believe customers are willing to compromise the price for the service and the convenience. After all, that is why the competition is doing so good. I was asked the other day, why should I use Let’s Order In when the competition has so many more options available. I would like to finish here by letting you know why, I would hope you use our app.

1. We are local

This one will always be at the top of the list because it is the truth and the most important part of our identity. Supporting us means supporting our community from the ground up. We all live here and we can be standing in front of you in 30 minutes. 20 if traffic is light.

2. We offer FREE delivery

When you order from participating partners within our deliver radius, the delivery is free!

3. We’re adding new merchants and items

It will be exciting to see the different products and the different businesses and local entrepreneurs that will be featured on Let’s Order In! as we continue to grow. We are proud to feature Unique local Merchants not available on other platforms. We may have a small selection now, but we have started and will continue to grow and serve all of Medicine Hat and sorrounding area.

4. Convenience Items

With some of our new merchants you can get free delivery for quick snacks or milk and other convenience store items unique to our service.

5. Custom Order Deliveries

If you want something picked and delivered that is not available through our partners you can make a custom request through our app. We can calculate the costs and arrange payment and delivery quickly.  

Let’s Order Delivers Food and More!

Our city is growing with new people and the delivery industry is no different. There are local drivers who want to work for a local company serving local merchants. There is lots of room here for all the different companies and the people who live here will also have their favourites. We know we have a lot of work to do, but we are determined to do well and make a difference here at home. Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting us here!

What’s for dinner?
I dunno…I don’t want to cook….
Me either….Let’s Order In!

That’s what happening in the Hat!