Time seems to just fly by when your having fun doesn’t it? Having fun growing your business is also a blessing. Our Family is growing in Medicine Hat and there are so many different people to thank!

We have been working hard here at home, networking with new merchants and getting new customers for social media and websites, I can’t help but be amazed at all the good things happening, all thanks to the team I have. Wouldn’t be any where fast without the help of some extremely determined individuals.

We are proud to announce that Medicine Hat’s #1 Plumber, Warren Appell, has published his new website with jaredsdigitalagency.com! We are also working with Warren to manage and promote his services through social media. Warren is a dedicated, hard working man who loves plumbing as much as we love technology.

Ian Hildebrandt of Red Man Mechanical has also joined up with us to work on his online presence. Ian is a mechanical wizard, if it has moving parts, Ian can work with it.

The folks over at Icy Mountain Water Co have also got together with us to work on their website. All of our customers are important and Icy is no different. Brandy, Charlotte and Neil, along with all of their staff have always done nothing but offer their genuine hospitality and kindness to me, in all of our dealings together. I know this is how they treat every single person they serve here in the Hat, they treat you like family.

Building them a site they can be proud of is something the team here takes very seriously!

And last but not least, Let’s Order In! was recently featured on our local CHAT NEWS.

Taylor Chartland, reached out to us and asked for an interview and I can’t thank him enough for being so cool and professional. The words he wrote about our app were kind and generous, and positive! Seriously though, again, me and the team are just grateful for all the support the City of Medicine Hat continues to show us!

When I asked Taylor how exactly he had heard of us, he mentioned he saw our post from The Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce!

There is a great team over there too! Shout out ( Do we say that anymore lol ) to Chantel Fischer over at the Chamber. You have guided us quite well to help us grow here. Thanks again for that!

Me and my team, or My team and I…want to thank each and every one of you. And I personally, want to thank my wife, this is all in her memory.

The other person I want to thank, is Lou-Wanda Whaley. Who continues to perservere, and quite frankly astonish me with her grace, stern iron will and calm cool collected professionalism, at all times. I know I push your limits to the max and I also know that you make me think about every move we need to make, together as a team. These ideas and these energies we share make us unstoppable.

We all need a wingman in life, and this agency knows you have it’s back. We’re covered with you in charge!

Of course, not me, or any of my team would be here if it wasn’t for all of you out there, and all the great people I have mentioned here.

Amazing people doing amazing things, I am just blessed beyond belief to be part of it all.

Thanks for reading everybody.

That’s what’s happening in the Hat! 😉