eCommerce Website Social Media Management Package

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The Ultimate eCommerce Social Media Management Package!

What's the real secret to a successful website? Traffic!!
The whole point of building your online presence is to find more customers. It doesn't matter how awesome your website is if nobody know's it is there. To engage your audience, to find your targets you want word of mouth. And today, word of mouth means the internet utilizing as many digital platforms as you can! That's what we do!

We start by building your eCommerce store. A premium theme customized to your brand. Focusing on your products, your services and why your customers should buy from you.

By focus, we mean spreading the word, everywhere on the internet that you, your company, your brand and your product, ROCK!

Your website won't be the only place your customers can see, or purchase your products.

All your social media platforms and point of sales will be integrated! This means we keep your customers engaged with branded custom created content, posted with relative text to engage your customers and convert them to buyers!

This package includes video animation to bring your brand to life! Video Syndication to spread the love faster, get more views, build your customer base, and ultimately your sales!

Are You Ready?

What's Included:

  • Hosting
  • Domain and Privacy ( Subject to Availability )
  • Wordpress Installation
    • Premium Design Theme Customized to Your Brand Lifetime Commercial License
  • Online store
    • 2500 Products
      • Physical Goods
      • Digital Downloads
      • Service Subscriptions
      • Options and Variations
  • Shipping and Handling Options for Worldwide
    • Integrated Local Delivery Service ( Where Available )
  • Facebook Shop
  • Instagram Store
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Sell on Amazon
  • Sell on Ebay


  • Integrated Facebook Advertising
  • Integrated Google Advertising
  • Integrated Pinterest Advertising
  • Integrated Snapchat Advertising
  • Mailchimp and Automated Email Marketing
  • ** This package does not include the additional marketing and advertising costs of these platforms **


  • Mobile responsive shopping cart
  • Android and iOS store management app

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