Hello! And Welcome to Jared’s Digital Agency!  This is one of my home’s on the internet you could say. I enjoy being online and working with my local community. Together with other businesses in the Hat, I have been privledged to represent so many extraordinary people. I am blessed to be here!


Living here in Medicine Hat has been a real journey and I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people that I have met along the way. I was born in Calgary and I never really thought I would of moved, especially to Medicine Hat, what can I say, I’m being honest.

The move was the first of many great things for me here in the Gas city. A great job in commision sales is what brought me here. I was with my wife in 2008 driving a truck and a pretty happy guy when the economy fell apart. Like a lot of folks out there, I struggled a bit to find work when layoffs started in every industry.

I have never been afraid of hard work but finding even another driving job was not easy.

My whole life I had been told that I should be selling cars. I always saw it as kind of an insult ( I apologize to every car sales person reading this, including 3 of my closest friends ) however, I didn’t understand. My friends and family were trying to tell me that I could make a difference. The way my 3 closest friends do.

I put out resumes for both driving…and sales. Dressing up was something I enjoyed, it wasn’t that I wasn’t confident in myself, I was more worried about the commision aspects of getting into the sales world.

There were not many responses but it only takes one. A mattress company called me for an interview. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but everybody sleeps so I figured no problem. Paid training for the first couple of weeks, I had nothing to loose.

It only took 6 months before I was a Senior Manager. It was a combination of will power, determination and the luck of universe helping out me and NIcky, my wife who supported me through it all.

Not long after that, the invitation to move to Red Deer was put in front of us. Yes, Red Deer.

The boss was so eager to shuffle some staff around he was even looking for a place for me to live and get me out there. For close to 2 weeks we were moving until he emailed me, and in a complete u-turn said he wanted me in Medicine Hat.

Nicky was not too impressed until she googled house prices and checked out a few things. The cost of living was a dream compared to Calgary, in my opinion.

So, with no reason to stay except Mom and Dad, we were only 3 hours away anyways. The boss promised me my own store and promised he would help me buy a house. The company also covered the moving expense. I was blessed!

When we got to the Hat, ( I love calling it the Hat ) it really didn’t take long for things to go well for us. I was so fortunate to work with people who challenged me. On every level.

There is no way to say everything was great and I was friends with everybody, I would be lying. I can tell you that every single person who I have met since I have been here has taught me somethng. I hold no grudges. We go through life to learn from every experience. That is indeed what has brought me this far.

Selling mattresses, being a sleep consultant was something I enjoyed so very much. I would call my wife everytime I sold the best bed in the house. I was in my element, at a destination point with a product I believed in. My wife Nicky worked at different part time jobs but mostly was able to stay home and take care of me. We were really happy.

As great as all of this was, I still new deep inside that I wanted something more. Life is about opportunity and I wanted my intelligence, and my motivation to be working for me, I wanted to be my own boss. Being with my company was truly a rewarding experience and I will never be able to thank them enough.

In the close to 5 years I worked for the company, I sold over a million dollars worth of products. They helped us buy a house and they taught me how to sell with morals and values. I was never allowed to be pushy with my customers, I truly believed I was helping the people who bought from me.

I was great but stumbled a lot with leadership and being a team player. My context and my tone would often confuse the issues at hand. I would command respect at times rather then earn it. 

At the same time this was happening, the leisure of working in a retail setting also allowed me to “surf the net”.

My yearning to be my own boss found me to be on the internet learning about building websites and understanding online marketing. I knew the future of sales was being online, for everything.  Eventually you could say the distractions caught up with me a little and change became inevitable.

My sales were not where they were supposed to be and I was let go. 

I did the only thing I could think of, I tried to use my drivers license to find work instantly.  

I got to drive a Taxi for Care Cabs. I met people from all walks of life here in the Hat. I have stories from all these experiences and I can tell you this, I am not wired to be a cab driver. That is not disrespectful to all the cabbies out there either so I am not apologising for that one.

Cab drivers are wired differently and I have a certain respect for that. The same respect I have for all of us out there that do what we do cause it makes us happy.

Driving cab led to driving shuttle to Calgary, which led to selling cars for Toyota, which led to selling photocopiers. Yes photocopiers. It wasn’t that I wasn’t great at this stuff. It just wasn’t meant to be. 

The shuttle was going to Calgary every day and back. I am too impatient. Winter would be bad.

Selling Toyotas is a dream, but I am not a pushy person, and I was bored walking around the showroom. So back to the photocopiers.

Company car, gas card, lunch hour. I didn’t want to sell photocopiers. This led me back to furniture sales, which actually led me back to the mattress company. Turns out, they had some team issues and I was needed back. It was beneficial for both of us for me to return. I’m still grateful that this company was so subjective and always looking to create opportunity, learning from the past.

Now I didn’t bring you all this way to bore you, the story continues of course; this is where the real challenges started.

All of the things that I had learned online were taking place, the projects were more like hobbies as long as I had something in the form of employment. I did collect some big pay cheques along the way with my online business. Getting some chances from some very successful people here in the Hat. 

You never know where the help is going to come from sometimes. You also don’t know where the universe is taking you and what tomorrow will bring.

Everything was moving along, Nicky was working part time in a grocery deli. She absolutely loved it. Like being at home just in a bigger kitchen. 

Once again, I did extremely well for the mattress company. Things were just where they were supposed to be.

There is no easy way to drop in the next part of my story, and yet it is part of my story and what brings me here today. In 2016, late December, Nicky was Diagnosed was cancer. I did my best to comfort Nicky and take care of until she passed away May 27, 2017.

Obviously, this changed my whole life. Fortunately, I was blessed with amazing support systems. My employer, medical equipment manufacturer’s and  different charities including the Alberta Cancer Foundation. 

In the time Nicky was battling cancer, all of these different people came together to make sure I was able to be there with her.

The company, was Mattress Mattress. I want people to know they are an incredible family that supports the community. They have played a substanstial role in my life. I wouldn’t be here, as strong as I am today, without them either.


Because I wouldn’t be here, where I am today, without the help of the people here in this community, in life.

There is no way to explain the way losing your spouse feels. It’s better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all. I can vouch. It is better.

I have had to find strength and positivity in what some would consider unthinkable. But that is our world.

There is always somebody who has it worse, and we all play a role in the lives of others every day, along the way in the journey of life.

There are companies and people here in Medicine Hat that I consider family. People with stories that will blow your mind. 

Stories that can inspire you, stories that will make you realize how blessed we are in life to know each other and be here in the community.

That isn’t a bunch of fancy words to make the Hat sound great either. It’s the truth.

I love finding out the details and the history of hard working successful companies here. There is heartache and victory because it is all part of living life!

THE GOAL OF Jared’s Digital Agency

The purpose here, the goal of this website, is to tell those stories. 

Help people here in the Hat. Help small business owners, help Entrepreneurs, help anybody I can, even if it’s just to shed some light on good cause.

Seriously, Jared’s Digital Agency can help you out with a variety of different things. Ultimately, we ( There are many people behind the scenes ) are an advertising agency. On a business level, simply put, we can manage your social media. I can build you a website, offer you consultation for online marketing. Build a brand, create an app, We can get digital!

Some of it is really simple and some of it is really complicated and technical. All we have to do is establish what you need and determine the most efficient way to create the solution.

But that’s just the technical stuff for building business. It’s important but it really is only part of the things we are here to do.

I am so proud of the accomplishments that my company has achieved growing up in Medicine Hat.

We have assisted and continue to give local Entrepreneurs and small business owners an online presence to be proud of.

Being a big city with a small town heart, Medicine Hat consumers still look for the local touch and business owners still look to offer a warm welcome, in person and online.

Our  first huge project under our own umbrella, is Let’s Order In! 

This delivery company operates with it’s own unique app giving the people of Medicine Hat the ability to order almost anything they want to be delivered to them quickly!

You can order from local restaurants and shops that are not available from the competition. I created Let’s Order In to compete with the international conglomerate that is popular with customers, but not always with the local merchants.

In creating Let’s Order In, I have created a company to support everything that is local, from the drivers to the restaurants to the management team to support everything behind the scenes. 

Let’s Order In, was created because I have lived and breathed every aspect of the industry iteself.  My first paying job was at a fast food restaurant. I worked my way through school delivering food and working as a courier.

I have worked in restaurants and of course, I am a consumer. 

Our delivery service is usually free when you make the minimum order and I work hard to make sure the restaurants feel support. It has been a bumpy ride along the way with software updates but we are working with the technology to make it work for us.

The structure is set up to make sure drivers get fair compensation for their efforts as well. Delivery for the customer is always free with the minimum purchase, the customer pays the driver a minimum $3.50 gratuity.

Being a consumer, and a driver at heart, I knew the pay needed to be reasonable for the contracted work. Our drivers are people who I have met and want to give the whole industry a better reputation.

A Better Tomorrow

That’s what it is all about. The advertising company, the projects we have been blessed to be a part of. All of it. Just striving towards making everything a little bit better along the way. Helping those we can when we can. 

That is what the team is here to do, here in Medicine Hat.

We want to make a difference here in the community. If you think somebody here has a story to tell, let us know, we want to get it out there.

So I hope you will stay tuned. We have some pretty exciting stuff lined up, we are going to meet some incredible people and learn more about what’s happening in the Hat! 

All the best,

Jared B