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Ok here I go, I am going to tell you about visiting my first political rally that happened here in Medicine Hat. It was a very interesting expericience to say the least and I really learned a few things from it. I would say, as I have heard others mention, that for Medicine Hat, this rally had a signifigant turnout. It is very safe to say, this will not be the last rally.

I was drawn to this rally, to this cause if you will because of the actual message that a Yellow Safety Vest actually conveys. You cannot deny it, the serious, cautious, alert pay attention something is happening statement the vest makes. It was interesting to me when I saw a post on Facebook that brought me to the rally. I wanted to see how many people would actually show up. It is hard to get a crowd here in Medicine Hat sometimes. We are very particular about who we decide to get behind. As we should be.

So, here it is, my honest opinion on politics and the likes, and why I am trying to write about it, hopefully still unbias just the same. I would consider myself a progressive conservative person, if I am to apply the labels I have options from. I believe the conservatives of today, tend to be arrogrant sometimes. We seem to have lost the progressive attitude. Being open minded and being mindful that everybody in society has their part. We all fit in somewhere. Being known as the right, or trying to be right, we lose our own humbleness.

Ironically I could be called a hypocrite because of my own very opinion and views. In writing I try to establish a point, and in ways I am implicating my view has more justified, more credible.

Left or right, I believe we all want the same things. There shouldn’t be this side or that side. There is sooo much room  here on this planet for all of us to fit in. That’s what the challenge should be all about. Making it all work together.

Everything. Renewable Energy, Oil. You name it, whatever we are all arguing about. There is magic when it comes to moderation in life. And all of us survivng here together could use some of it for the ways we all choose to life. Which would bring me back to the rally before I get any more into real politics.

I believe we should vote and we have a right to be part of the process.

This is why I attended the rally. I believe the other part of politics, that is genuinely missing, is common sense. I miss Canada.

I know we are a product of our environment and we choose what our energy goes into. How we feel about where we live and the security of our futures in indeed a little bit scary if you decide to watch to much media.

It doesn’t feel like our Country is being lead with any common sense, let alone respect if you pay attention to what’s happening. Bring in the Yellow Vests. Bring in real people exercising the rights the do have in this country, in this little Big City of ours.

They feel it the most because they live through it every day and it effects everything they do that is good for you and for me. That is what I saw when I walked through the crowd.

This was my first venture out into a public event, and I would have to choose a political one at that! I choose not to actually wear the vest myself but I don’t shy away from making some jokes and being clear about how I feel. There was no negative energy.

There was a crowd of friendly happy families…gathered to bring attention to what they feel is a crisis in our country. I love seeing the Canadian flag waving above the crown at the side of the road encouraging people to honk, make some waves. And they do. Voices are being heard. I didn’t stay long enough see the guest speaker, Glen Motz. Here is his footage courtesy of Troy Fandrick on Facebook

What he did was waste no time talking about was the energy sector.

Glen didn’t get too political you could say, as I am trying not to be if that is even possible. We just want to talk about facts and how it affects people here and all over our country. Whether any of us like it or not, the world turns on all the stuff we are talking about and we are suffering.

Let alone the other stuff happening that makes hard working, rational human beings question our countries being. Listening to Glen and what he is willing to say makes us realize how political this is.

I said I didn’t feel any negative energy and I didn’t. I saw some headlines and other stories of course and I think the point was lost, either in the headlines or at the events themselves. I should only comment on what I saw here in Medicine Hat. Again, people making a point, frustrated, yes. You might see some blunt messages on the cards. Or hear some choice words for Trudeau, but we’re human, and Proud Canadians. I learned a few things today. Don’t bring my dogs, to a  political rally anyways.

I have to improve my camera operating skills, I went with the GoPro but used the handycam to highlight a couple of moments of interest! I think the GoPro was more fun, if you want to see how it felt to walk throught the rally, here is your chance.

Positive for change? Absolutely. A Yellow Safety Vest to represent the right of our voices to be heard. I think you will see more families putting them on. Across Canada and especially in Medicine Hat.
You can follow the group Yellow Vest Medicine Hat on Facebook by clicking here.
You can find more information about Bill C-69 by clicking here. Read Bill C-69 here.

Not sure exactly what made me go down there and check it out but I did. Thanks for Reading and taking part. That’s what’s happening in the Hat!