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Copywriting & Strategy

I can put the words
right on to the screen for you!
Seriously, copy and content that sizzles.  

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Sometimes the biggest hurdle to completing a project is figuring out exactly what you want to say. This can be very challenging as simple as it seems, to point out the great things about your business without bragging to much.

Well, maybe you want to brag a little bit. Especially when you are talking about the really awesome things that your business offers to the community.

You want them to get all the great relevant information they need without too much boring stuff that they don’t want. 

We will work with you to figure out what the message is and get it out to the masses.

Don’t worry, I will bring the cheese. 


Social Media Management

There are many different networks. You being  present and current is important  where your customers are.

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Let’s get Social!

This can be the most fun. This is where you reach out to the public and announce what you are all about.

The real key to social media is taking full advantage of the right real estate, where you want to build your platform and especially why.

Social Media is not about spamming potential customers with sales or great deals. Don’t be confused, this is included, but social media is your chance to show the community exactly what your company stands for.

In time, these messages help build rapport with your customers, this builds trust for prospects, which leads to more sales.

I don’t promise you any sales targets, I promise you engagement! After all, Social Media is about being Social!

Let me help you grow your business.


Website Development

The power of WordPress.  Create the presence you want with versatile maintenance and management.

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Today, WordPress powers about a third of the internet. Do a quick search and you may be surprised to find some of the biggest companies in the world use WordPress.  No wonder it is also the choice for so many small businesses.

Anything theme or design is possible when building a site. I  recommend and use Divi by Elegant Themes.
This theme gives the webmaster unyielding power and control of the build and design of a site.

Using these tools also allows you, the owner full control and portability, you are always in charge and can take your site anywhere, anytime. 

Learning the system is also surprisingly easy. Find out more following this link. 



Community is Family

The Sunday Drive | Medicine Hat | Signs of the Times

The Sunday Drive | Medicine Hat | Signs of the Times

It's time for a quick drive down the street in Medicine Hat. Talk about a couple of things. The Sunday Drive, Medicine Hat, Signs of the Times. Political campaign signs are everywhere. What do you think? I think the bylaw should be changed to keep any political...

Digital Tools to Engage Customers and Increase Sales

Digital Tools to Engage Customers and Increase Sales

Whether you need an online presence built from scratch or you just want to add the tools, I can help. This interactive message app can be added to any website with some code. Encourage your visitors to send you a video showing them the problem! Saves everybody time!

The Sunday Drive Oct 10 2021

The Sunday Drive Oct 10 2021

This week on the Sunday Drive I take a jaunt on the highway and talk about lanes that continue as turns onto other roads. Driving, especially driving in Medicine Hat, is always, always about the anticipation. What do you think?

Driving with Anticipation on The Sunday Drive in Medicine Hat

Driving with Anticipation on The Sunday Drive in Medicine Hat

Today's drive was educational. I decided to keep it simple too. Driving with anticipation on the Sunday Drive in Medicine Hat. We will see a great example of it.Driving can be very enjoyable and it can also be very dangerous. Driving with anticipation is probably one...

Driving in Medicine Hat

Driving in Medicine Hat

Driving in Medicine Hat Hey what can I tell you.Remember those old Pontiac commercials, where there is a person in the passenger seat kind of freaking out because they are not drivers? That is definitely me, the commercial would end saying Pontiac, built for drivers....