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I have been living here for over a decade now. I have discovered one of my favourite places to be. Penny Profit Discount Store, You’ll Find It Here Medicine Hat. The place has been downtown for over 30 years.


There are a lot of things going down, downtown Medicine Hat. Especially at the corner by the bank, down the street from the Church. Across from the Salvation Army, down from the Post and Six One Six Entertainment. Up the street from The Local by Medicine Hat Pizza and where the Tim’s used to be.

If you have lived here even a short while you probably know where I mean.

This is the corner that is home to Penny Profit Discount Store. This is the home of Medicine Hat’s lowest prices on cigarettes and the city’s largest selection of unique gift items.

Penny Profit is also home to Medicine Hat’s Largest Bong Room.


What else can I tell you about the store that is really important? There is a huge selection of greeting cards, one of the store’s most popular selling items. There is incense, and only the world’s finest selections. That is no joke, imported, these are the world’s best selling brands.

There is a houseware section, and a pantry, and tools and pet supplies and arts and crafts.

There is a reason why the slogan at Penny Profit Discount Store is You’ll Find It Here.


Because you will, find it there. Chances are if you are looking for something everyday, like the old days when Radio Shack was around, you’ll find it here. There are things at Penny Profit that are like finding a treasure when you need it.

And, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, Syed, you can call him Sid, is more then happy to let you know where you will find it. If he can get it for you, he will do that.

Did you know you can get your watch battery replaced at Penny Profit Discount Store? Syed is more then happy to find you the right battery, swap it out and have you on your way in 5 or 10 minutes. He has experience to, he has the proper tools and he educates his customers and warns them. Sometimes you take a chance with repairs especially something that has been around a little bit. Syed fixes the watch as if it is his own time piece.


Syed runs the store and treats the people of Medicine Hat with kindness, dignity and respect. And, Syed deals with every walk of life that lives in Medicine Hat.

On any given day Syed sees the Mental Health Issues and he still opens his doors six days a week, and holidays. Only taking Sundays off to spend with his family. The reason he gets up every single day and helps the people of Medicine Hat.

I say he helps because he does. And when you ask Syed the reason he does what he does, he will tell you that he hopes even if he only saved you a few pennys maybe it will be enough so you can buy other things that you need, or want.

Syed doesn’t want to be on camera and he doesn’t want to talk about himself. He is there to make sure the people in Medicine Hat have the selection, service and quality of product. He knows what’s popular and he knows what the people want.


I have been living here in Medicine Hat for over a decade. I blog and I write and I tell stories because I truly believe that Community is family. I have interviewed others, including the candidates for the upcoming Medicine Hat Civic Election. You can read about Jim Turner, Shila Sharps or Jeremy Silver. I hope to talk to more Candidates too.

I have been fortunate enough in my career to meet Syed and even more blessed to be able to work with him building a website for

Along the way I have become friends with this man and I have been able to learn so many things. I run a business and at the same time I look for the humanity in all things.

Taking Care of Business

Penny Profit Discount Store is a City Landmark. It makes me proud to know the man behind the counter and see the interactions between all the customers. The great customers, and the not so great customers.

There is a downside to retail. Well, there are many downsides to retail but it’s a labour of love in many ways too. I want to tell all of Medicine Hat to check out Penny Profit Discount Store and say hello to Syed.

Not because you’ll find what your looking for, I mean that’s great too! That’s a huge reason for writing the post too. I want you to say hello to Syed, because you will be saying hello to a New Friend.

Syed loves his family and he loves helping the community. You can’t beat that kind of sincerity. He wants to meet you and if you have a couple of minutes, he will help you find what you need, or he’ll listen to your problems.

He is like a bartender, or taxi driver, or best friend or doctor. He works hard every day no matter who comes through the door next.

That’s how he takes care of business, taking care of the Community.

Discount Store

I have done my best to make this post as business like as possible telling you about Penny Profit Discount Store. It’s important to me because I have become friends and I hope the store does well. The store serves the city well and I think a lot of hard work and dedication goes into the place.

There are a lot of efforts to help breath life into Downtown Medicine Hat. There are a lot of reasons to shop downtown, especially Penny Profit Discount Store. You don’t need a big box store or even the famous loonie stores. You’ll find many of the same items, comparably priced and conveniently on hand.

You’ll Find It Here

I believe there are amazing people in our Community and there are amazing stories to tell.

Syed is one of those people and I am grateful for the trust he has put in me, and the respect he has shown me working together as professionals. I want people to know about him, their day will be that much better.

Community is Family at Jared’s Digital Agency, and Syed and Penny Profit Discount Store, are Family.

Till Next Time Medicine Hat.